CumCast: Episode 4

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  1. JohnLukeMaxwell

    Definitely prefer the more verbal stuff!

    Looking forward to the next CumCast episode!

    1. John Valjean

      Thank you!

  2. Its_Miguel

    That last story was everything I could have wanted😘

    1. John Valjean

      Thank you so much for suggesting it! 🙂

  3. gaycevans

    This episode was so good. I especially enjoyed the last two stories. The dad and son tying the mom up and forcing her to watch as they fucked was so hot. And getting some cum on her was so twisted and delicious. The Man Scouts sounds like a perfect organization too 🤤

    1. John Valjean

      Thank you! I’ll do more like these as long as folks are into it!

    2. Bockito

      As always, love your original stories, this episode especially you’ve outdone yourself. The verbal sex was incredible, superb job!

      1. John Valjean

        Thank you so much! Looks like I’ll be doing more next month! 🙂

  4. Amateur_aussie

    I just joined up and can’t wait to listen today at work

    1. John Valjean

      Awesome! Welcome! I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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