Fun in the Son

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  1. gaycevans

    Their relationship was so hot 🔥 From Austin teaching his son everything he needs to know to become successful in porn, to the admission of why Austin doesnt kiss often. I imagine the scenes they make together are bound to become instant classics. Also, the title of this story is so clever LOL!

    1. John Valjean

      Thank you! Glad you liked it! Austin is my kind of daddy 😉

  2. Bockito

    Amazing! There needs to be a sequel, I’m sure it won’t be long before Austin and Brett reveal the true nature of their relationship and become more popular than ever.

    1. John Valjean

      I’m down to revisit these two characters! 🙂

  3. SoraDPendragon

    Maybe Brett finds out his stepfather has been jerking off to his and his dad’s videos and decides to do something about it?

    1. John Valjean

      Yeah! I love that!

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