Lust, Victor: Season One – Chapter Five

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  1. gaycevans

    This chapter was heaven for daddy/son fantasies. It was like the universe was telling Victor to make a move on his father with every single situation he was finding himself in. You already know I love whenever Jack Spier makes an appearance. Him imagining Simon while fucking Victor was so hot. And I was excited to see you brought back Thomas and Jacob. I was really looking forward to seeing them again and their party didn’t disappoint. Having Victor teach Danny how to suck his Dad’s cock was so hot. Thomas being jealous of Jacob and Victor’s alone time is understandable but I’m sure he can take his frustrations out on both of their holes. And finally, Victor gathers the courage to make a move on Armando and it was delicious. I can’t wait for them to take it further! Also, hearing the tease about Roger and his son being able to be together with his wife out of the picture was so hot. Victor is so lucky finding all these Dads that are so open and in love with the idea of fucking their sons.

    1. John Valjean

      Thank you! Something tells me that Victor is going to find himself in a Daddy orgy one of these days! 😉

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