Lust, Victor: Season One – Chapter Four

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  1. gaycevans

    Finally got the chance to read the new chapter and I’m so glad Victor keeps going back to Jack. What a hot fucking daddy. I love that Jack calls him “son” and “Simon,” and Victor encouraging him to keep doing so makes it even better. I wonder what other perverted ideas Jack had in mind that he’s holding back on. Hopefully we get to see him overcome his hesitancy and act on his true desires.

    I was happy to see Benji get in on some of the filthy action! Victor spying on him was so hot. The way you made Benji so twisted and kinky that he’d fuck at a party full of people in his friend’s bed is perfect! I loved how aggressive and dominant he was, fucking hard as he fantasized about Victor and calling him a faggot. It reminded me a lot of Cory in the previous chapter, and I think both he and Benji would have a lot of fun having their way with a more submissive guy together.

    And it’s so great to see Victor becoming more of a twisted slut. I loved that he didn’t even care that he was going to get caught by who he thought was Mr. Garcia. And Victor immediately offering his ass up to Stu made the scene even hotter! Did you have any particular guy in mind for Stu?

    1. John Valjean

      In my head, I imagined Stu from Sean Cody, and tried to describe him as the Stu we all know and love. I almost put a pic of him in the book, but my fake had a hairy model, so I decided against it.

      I’m glad you liked it! Jack will be back, and Victor really let’s loose (and gets loosened) in the next chapter. He’s got a growing group of fuck buddies and I enjoy using them 😉

  2. zjm

    Andrew bring as much of a cum slut as Victor is a plot twist I wasn’t expecting but totally here for. Amazing chapter

    1. John Valjean

      Thank you! In my mind, there are four major cum sluts: Victor, Andrew, Benji, and Armando (more on that next month). Glad you liked it!

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