Uncle Ben Loves Peter – Chapter Five

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  1. gaycevans

    I was looking forward to this chapter after the cliffhanger in the previous one, and you did not disappoint! The buildup of Richard bonding with Peter by telling him about his life was so good. My favorite from his list was intentionally getting pulled over by the cops just so he could suck them off. It was so fucking amazing when Richard found out how insatiably horny Peter was just like his father when they finally got to some proper father-son bonding. And when they went outside to fuck, I couldnt stop picturing clips of Dean Flynn’s scenes in my head.

    And oh man am I glad you chose Dean as Peter’s father. When you mentioned how proficient Richard was at oral, I immediately remembered the behind-the-scenes clip of Dean gushing about how sucking cock was his weakness in life. I’m already imagining the moment when the entire Parker family gets together and damn would it be so hot. It’d probably be the video Emmett and his boys would come back to and rewatch the most 🥵🥵🥵

  2. John Valjean

    Thanks! I really enjoyed writing the conversation between the two of them and throwing in as much good nuggets as I could. The entire time I was writing this one, I had a picture of Dead up to inspire me.

    1. gaycevans

      I got a bunch of HD pics of Dean if you ever want ’em!

      1. John Valjean

        Sure, I’d love any of him topping especially!

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