Weekly FanFic Poll Ideas #11

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  1. KyoHam

    I’m gonna try for the last time the Asher gets is hole wreck 2.
    And will try a new one next week.

  2. Lovethefic

    Gonna go for a Star Trek SNW one I think. Captain pike decided to hold a little get together for some of his male officers and of course they start fucking. Featuring Captain Pike, doctor M’benga, Spock, chief Kyle, and Sam Kirk (sex on legs). Sam and Kyle are the bottoms who can’t get enough dick, and love to make out with one between them! Might be too much prompt there but just Strange new Worlds enterprise orgy please!!!

  3. Moshimma

    I’ll try this one again

    Title: A Perfect Fit

    When Andrew Garfield was called to return for the latest Spider-Man movie, he was worried his suit wouldn’t really fit around him anymore. While changing, Tom Holland walks in on him, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He starts asking the younger actor if he still looks good in the suit, and things quickly turn sexual, with Andrew topping Tom. Halfway into the sex, the costume designer returns to do some adjustments, so they leave Andrew’s trailer and continue fucking outside of it. I think it would be kinda cool if they don’t take off their suits fully while they fuck too.

  4. ItsEnroeBitch

    That boy is mine

    Taron Egerton wants Richard Madden back with him. He’s tired of watching his former love with Froy Gutierrez so he texts them. He dares Froy to a threesome where both of them fuck Richard so the former Game of Thrones Star could decide which boy he wants to spend his life with

  5. gaycevans

    Based on the scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where Cedric (portrayed by Robert Pattinson) tells Harry “the prefect’s bathroom is a good place to have a bath” as a hint to solve the dragon egg clue. Harry thinks he’s helping him for the clue in the Tri-Wizard tournament, but when he walks in later that night, Cedric, Cormac McLaggen (portrayed by Freddie Stroma) , and Viktor Krum (portrayed by Stanislav Ianevski) are already in the bubble filled bath together, naked.

    They invite Harry to join in, and Harry eventually notices they’re sitting very close together and all 3 boys’ hands seem to be doing something underwater based on their arms’ movements. He slowly realizes the 3 are all jacking each other off. Cedric advises Harry to open the dragon’s egg under the water, but once Harry goes under – he completely forgets about the egg and focuses on the big cocks getting jerked off. Eventually it devolves into a full on orgy in the large bath.

  6. Londerland

    Man of Steel: Kryptonian Family Bonding (DCEU)

    When Clark Kent travels north and discovers the Kryptonian ship hidden in the ice, he’s met with a thousand questions about who he is and where he came from. But when he lays eyes on the hologram of Jor-El, he’s left with just one: is it wrong to be so damn horny for your own father? The feeling’s plenty mutual as Jor-El glows with more than just pride at what a stud his son grew up to be. Though they can’t be together the way they wish, the way they would have if Clark had been raised on Krypton, Jor-El manipulates the ship’s nanotech to produce fucking machines, fleshlights, and all manner of kinky sex toys to abuse his son with. Clark’s all to happy to submit, showing off his body as he’s manhandled to fuck and get fucked in every position imaginable, all while Jor-El jerks off and tells his son every dirty thing he wishes they could do together.

  7. Family Bonding

    The Winchester brothers finally reunite with their father John, and after days of arguing manage to convince him to let them join him on his hunt for the yellow-eyed demon.

    Although this turns out to have consequences neither of them realized, like 3 grown men sharing a motel room for 2, or having 3 horny men failing to score any tail.

    They soon realize, why bother trying to score some tail, when they each have a hole available to use. Sharing is Caring after all

  8. Woopdoop

    Written from Simon Halls POV.
    Matt Bomer and his husband Simon Halls are living the normal family life with their three children. However, Matt is leading a secret, insanely kinky double life as a size queen on Onlyfans, who regularly gets pounded by cocks that are 10+ inches. Having a bottomless hole, he only accepts the best of the best. In this fanfic, Simon’s taking care of the kids for the day whilst Matt goes on an outing with Joe Manganiello, who is affectionately named Uncle Joe. As day becomes night, the kids are now asleep, blissfully innocent, and so Simon opens up his laptop to then enter his Onlyfans account. He then enters Matt’s livestream where we can see him prepping for Joe’s 15 inch monster. What starts as glee on deepthroating becomes pain upon penetration until Joe passes Matt’s second hole and they reach heights of pleasures never reached before. The only way to describe how they fuck is animalistic, as Matt is pulverised so hard he almost becomes one with the mattress. At the end, with cum filling every orifice Matt has been fucked stupid and can only incoherently declare his love and devotion to Joe’s monster. Joe turns off the livestream whilst Simon stares despondently into the air, his cum stained pants evidence of his hedonism.

    I feel like I’ve written way too much lol, I hope this can still be accepted as a prompt! If you could please make the sex as rough as possible, and have both Matt and Joe talk about how good their sexual chemistry is in comparison to Simon.

  9. fanficlover97

    Nick takes Shawn out to a lab exclusive celebrity bar to find a rebound from Camilla. After introducing him to multiple hot women and Shawn not being interested nick noticed that Shawn keeps staring at two muscular men that walked in, Chris Evans and Henry Cavill. nick whispers “maybe it’s cause you’re a faggot” and nick introduces him to the two musical studs and they go back to nicks place and help shawn explore his sexuality (bonus points for any verbal humiliation towards shawn)

  10. zjm

    WHO: Chris Evans, Michael B. Jordan, Mason Gooding, Jordan Fisher and Rudy Pankow

    PROMPT: Casting for MCU’s Fantastic Four is currently underway but before landing an audition – actors must first successfully pass a boot camp where they must prove to Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan they have what it takes to be the next Johnny Storm. Mason, Jordan and Rudy find themselves being tested to their limits and prove they will do just about anything to land this role.

  11. I am going to try this one again.

    Stiles Stilinski does the Multiverse: Werewolf Edition

    Stiles finds a rare book on sex magic and decides to use it to enhance his and Derek’s sex life. One spell allows him to summon other beings from different universes to have sex with. While waiting at the loft for Derek, he uses the spell to summon other werewolves to have an orgy with him and Derek. However, the wolves are impatient and start with Stiles before Derek arrives. Derek comes home to see Stiles fucking a wolf, while being fucked by another, and either sucking or rimming a third wolf. Derek quickly strips and joins the orgy.
    Note: everyone is Versatile and the spell prevents being turned from bites.

    Candidates for Werewolves:
    Alcide Herveaux (True Blood)
    Mason Greyback (Wizards of Waverly Place)
    Tyler and Mason Lockwood (Vampire Diaries)
    Clayton Danvers, Nick Sorrentino (Bitten)
    Jack Morton, Randall Carpio, Hamish Duke (The Order)
    Dyson (Lost Girl)
    Luke Garroway (Shadowhunters)
    Jacob Black, Seth Clearwater, Sam Uley, Paul Lahote (Twilight)
    Monroe (Grimm)
    George Sands (Being Human UK)
    Josh Levison (Being Human USA)

  12. Graverobber

    If Jacob was bonding to Bella’s egg he should have been bonding with Edwards sperm too. I just want to see him get insanely horny for Edward right before the wedding and flip fuck before Edward heads down the aisle. Extra points if Carlisle, Edmund, Jasper and even Mike join in (I think he’s cute shut up) by jerking each other off while Edward and Jacob make love.

  13. Its_Miguel

    Riverdale wrap up party. KJ Apa and Casey Cott meet up for a secret sexy rendezvous in one of the classroom sets that has yet to be torn down during the party. However their secret fling is walked in on by Mark Consuelos, Drew Ray Tanner, Charles Melton, and Ross Butler. The men are drunk and horned up from the party and decide to use this opportunity to its FULL advantage. Both KJ and Casey find themselves in the middle of a gang bang as all four men use them for whatever kinky thing they want. Wouldn’t mind it if Ross and Charles make some sort of wager and whoever loses gets fucked by the other “Reggie Mantle”, all while the loser gets to fuck KJ or Casey of course. Also wouldn’t mind it if other men from the party wonder in, maybe Eli Goree. Jordan Calloway, Skeet Ulrich, Chad Michael Murray and Martin Cummins also make an appearance.

  14. JohnLukeMaxwell

    God of Thunder
    Spider-Man (Tom Holland) lives with his adopted fathers, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. One night, his Uncle Thor stops by and asks if he can crash. This is a man that Spidey has had numerous fantasies about, but what happens when Thor appears in Spidey’s bedroom late at night offering to teach the young webslinger the carnal ways of the Aesir.

    And what happens when Tony and Steve investigate the sounds coming from their nubile son’s bedroom?

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