Weekly FanFic Poll Ideas #12

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  1. Londerland

    Love Lockdown

    Flashback to March 2020. The world is going into lockdown, and Richard Madden has invited Froy Gutierrez to isolate with him at the luxurious (and more importantly, private) LA house he’s renting from GOT co-star Emilia Clarke. What’s a Scottish stud to do in lockdown but stroll around the house naked 24/7 and fuck his hot new boytoy on every flat surface in every room? But what starts as just another fling for Richard quickly deepens into something more as he finds himself falling head over heels (and heels over head) in love with Froy. However, Richard’s heart is still bruised from his recent break-up after Brandon Flynn accused him of being a selfish slut with no self control. Will Froy return Richard’s feelings and love him, heart, cock, and soul? Or will he be scared off when he realises what an insatiable cockhound Richard really is?

  2. Bockito

    Rusty Joiner and Ryan Kwanten’s careers take off after their latest movie wins an Oscar. In that movie they star as the main characters who fall in love despite their different social classes. They also fall in love in real life during the shoot, becoming Hollywood’s new power couple and the paparazzi’s favorite subjects, adored by all. Their parents, however, are not so happy, because little do they know, Ryan and Rusty are biological brothers. When they learn the truth from their parents, that Rusty was put up for adoption as a result of a teen pregnancy, they reluctantly breakup under their parents’ pressure. After several torturous weeks apart, love wins in the end as they are miserable without one another. They decide to be together regardless of their blood relation, and find out that it actually makes their love hotter.

  3. MaleThirst

    I’m not sure of what to call this but I’ve had the yearnings to see some other Joe Magnaniello characters be written about so here goes.

    Having won the title of Packmaster of Shreveport, Alcide Herveaux wastes no time in getting to train up the wolves under his command against outside threats against the supernatural (This fic is set around Season 6, where vampires were being hunted down by the government). He takes interest in a fresh faced upstart who hangs on the new packmasters every action & relishes praise from him as well, so Alcide takes him aside for private training. The sexual tension between the two grows until one night under the full moon, Alcide pounces & the two have hardcore, passionate sex. Extra points if you have Alcide’s eyes flashing gold as he pumps his newly dubbed werebitch with cum.

  4. gaycevans

    In honor of Dan Benson’s recent popularity due to his OnlyFans, I’m suggesting a sequel to A Magical Weekend.

    Justin Russo (David Henrie) and Mason (Gregg Sulkin) visit Zeke (Dan Benson) at his house, where they find him livestreaming for his OnlyFans subscribers. Justin didn’t realize how buff his best friend got. He ends up doing the opposite of what he did the first story, instead of making themselves invisible Justin uses his magic to broadcast Zeke’s show everywhere and exponentially increase his viewer count right before Justin and Mason join in on his show. Bonus points if Justin uses his magic during the show to make the sex even better.

  5. JohnLukeMaxwell

    The List

    When Ned and Peter first began dating, Ned had the idea that they do something fun as a couple: make a list of the three people that each was allow to sleep with without the other being mad. Months later, the duo are with their class on a trip across Europe. During a weekend in romantic Venice, the city is attacked by Mysterio, forcing Peter to spring into action as Spider-Man.

    To everyone’s shock, the webslinger is joined by CapAm, Iron Man, and Thor. After making quick work of the counterfeit conjurer, the hunky trio invite Peter to the hotel bar for celebratory drinks. Ned tags along, and as the ale flows, it becomes clear that the smoking hot super-Daddies are flirting with Ned’s boyfriend.

    Peter may take Ned up on his free passes after all. But will Ned be able to at least watch, or wind up standing out in the hallway? (( Themes of Daddy/boy, dom/sub, cuck and shame. Peter is eighteen and taking advantage of the legal drinking age in Italy. The fight scene can be short, but the flirting in the bar should build up to show Ned’s anxiety ))

  6. ItsEnroeBitch

    In order to stop the rumours about being homophobic, Chris Pratt starts an Only Fans full of videos of him with other guys, such as Alex Landi, Tom Holland, Jason Momoa or even Henry Cavill.

    Now that he has the opportunity for doing n unforgettable scene while he’s at Thor Love and Thunder premiere, Chris Pratt talks with Taika Watiti and Chris Hemsworth inviting them to his hotel room in the after party. Pratt has the costumes of Star Lord and Thor perfect for a role play in front of the cameras, which will be broadcast live from every angle how comfortable he is being with these two guys and giving people what they really want

  7. Rob Kazinsky finally joins his MMO guild ‘s real life meet-up, complete with joined hotel suites. What he never knew was that his fellow guild mates were among the likes of known nerd Henry Cavill, former co-star Ryan Kwanten, and former father-son duo Alexander Ludwig and Travis Fimmel. It’s a nerdy orgy as Rob tries to support everyone, Cavill wants to tank everything, and the Ludwig-Fimmel duo are inseparable.

  8. A.J

    Hunger Games
    For the 75th Hunger Games, The Capitol change the rules and reap two boys by district. Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and Gale (Liam Hemsworth) are the chosen tributes for District 12. After surviving the first few days, they decides to change the rules of the game and put on a completely different show for the public and sponsors. Seeing them receive more and more donations from the sponsors, some of the last survivors like Gloss (Alan Ritchson) from District 1 and Finnick (Sam Claflin) from District 4 join the duo. What will change the relationship of the 4 men forever.

  9. Family Bonding

    The Winchester brothers (Supernatural) finally reunite with their father John, and after days of arguing manage to convince him to let them join him on his hunt for the yellow-eyed demon. Although this turns out to have consequences neither of them realized, like 3 grown men sharing a motel room for 2 or having 3 horny men failing to score any tail. They soon realize, why bother trying to score some tail, when they each have a hole available to use. Sharing is Caring after all

  10. fleed412

    John Cena actually goes through with creating an only-fans and begins a lucrative side hustle in adult entertainment centred around hot steamy content with other celebrity men such as Dan Benson, Tom holland Taron Egerton, and Hugh jackman to name a few. Pushing his hunky wrestler body to the limits with stuff like huge dildo’s, urethral sounds and as much kinky sex as he can handle both giving and receiving all that his sweaty brick house body can give!

  11. Woopdoop

    The Captain’s Final Battle

    Steve Rogers is a power bottom who’s fucked his way through practically every single big-dicked man on Earth. With his purely himbo build (fat ass, slim waist, bottomless hole) who can blame him? Nonetheless, he’s in a happy and loving relationship with Tony, who enjoys being a cuckold and voyeur of Steve’s various escapades. Unfortunately, the world is on the brink of death after Thanos’ interventions and hope for the future seems bleak. The Avengers have exhausted all their options and are all in a complete rut to find a solution. That is until, Thanos comes towards the Avengers, particularly Steve and Tony, with a proposition. The last thing they want to do is fraternise with the enemy but with no answer in sight, they can only agree to negotiate with him. With Steve’s sex partners being countless, his abilities have become far and wide known and word has finally reached Thanos’ ears. Thanos is interested in fully testing the whorish mascot’s capabilities to the max and proposes that Steve will accompany him as his slut for seven days and nights, with Tony there to witness them. If, after that time period Steve remains sane Thanos will admit defeat and with the power of the infinity stones he’ll return everything back to normal. However, if Steve loses Thanos will still not enact any more chaos but Steve will become his, both body AND soul. Now granted with the power to save billions of lives, the Avengers reluctantly come to accept the offer, trepidation filling their hearts. Using his friends and family as his motivation, Steve prepares to head on. Yet, there is a deep and dark part of Steve’s mind that knows finding out what Thanos is keeping under his pants is his greatest desire. In the following days a battle truly fit for the legends occurs. The only question is who will stand to become the victor?

    For the story you can make it as dirty and rough as possible. If you could write it so that for the first 5 days Steve and Thanos seem equal in sexual prowess and Steve starts to get the upper hand, so they start to gain hope that they’d win. If you could then reveal Thanos was just playing along and he absolutely demolishes Steve and his hole. Afterwards, Steve’s mind breaks from the sheer pleasure in addition to help from the infinity stones and consequently he now matches Thanos’ sexual ability but can only think of sex. Can you make Thanos’ dick freakishly sized like 30 inches.

  12. SoraDPendragon

    Daddy Burt, Kurt, and His Bullies (Glee)

    Burt Hummel and his son Kurt come home to find their house being vandalized by Kurt’s bullies. Being caught in the act, Burt threatens to call the police, especially after finding out about the bullying. The jocks say they’ll do anything he wants in order to prevent that. Burt decides if they don’t want the cops to punish them, then he will do it himself. They all go down to Kurt’s basement room and Burt orders them to strip down to their jocks. Burt wants Kurt to punish them too, so they both start spanking a bully each before making them suck and rim them. The bullies at first are humiliated by what is happening to them, but then start to enjoy being punished by the father and son. After their spankings, Burt and Kurt make their way through the jocks and fuck each of them while the jocks beg for more and start cumming in their jocks.

    The next day at school, Kurt is cornered by his bullies. Instead of throwing him in the dumpster, they ask when they can come over so he and Daddy Burt can punish them again. Bonus if one of them gets down on his knees and sucks him off, while another rims him then and there with the others rubbing their bulges.

    Notes: Burt definitely has a huge, fat dick which I believe Kurt would inherit from him. Makes it a mystery on how he fits it in those tight pants of his. I think there are 4 – 6 jocks present. Candidates for jocks: (Finn, Puck, Karofsky, Azimio, Josh Coleman, Rick the Stick, maybe Mike, Matt, or Sam)

  13. Graverobber

    After having been both invited to the New Directions Winter Showcase in a poor attempt by Sue to restart the “Legion of Doom”, Jesse St James and Sebastian Smythe end up becoming fast friends and leave her to get coffee together. During their convo Sebastian admits he still has a deep sexual thirst for Blaine, he’s convinced without a doubt that Blaine is really a filthy cumslut masquerading as an innocent schoolboy and wants to tear it out of him, drill him into a mattress and steal him away from Kurt. Jesse himself admits that after Brittany mistook them for father and son in season 1, he’s grown a huge muscle daddy kink and a deep crush on Will Schuester, wanting to have the gorgeous if questionable teacher dominate him in a daddy son roleplay. They team up as their own Legion of Deviants and trick Blaine and Will into coming to Scandals where they seduce them both on the dance floor into cheating on their respective partners (Kurt and Emma) and bringing out the sexual deviants in both of them. They end up wandering to a secret back room in the club where they end up having the hottest foursome of their lives. Some highlights: Will has the biggest cock imaginable and nearly tears Blaine in two at one point, Blaine is the biggest bottom cumslut you can imagine, Jesse gets off on both dominating Blaine and roleplaying as Will’s slutty son, Sebastian loves to worship Will’s muscles and making Blaine admit how inferior Kurt is in bed compared to the seductive homewrecker. Story ends with Blaine being bred deeply by all three of them (Will is the last one to breed him and cums the biggest load) and afterwards both Blaine and Will are horrified at their own infidelities (after cumming their common sense came back). Jesse and Sebastian just make out while ignoring Will and Blaine’s guilt, happy they won and confident that they can corrupt or seduce anyone in their new partnership and ready to find more men to turn into slutty deviants. The scene ends with the implication that there will be a round two and Blaine and Will despite their guilt are eager to agree.

    Apologize for the grammar, I’m sort of writing this in a hurry.

  14. R0S5C0

    Olay so, this requires a little bit of knowledge of Titans season 3 but not much. Basically, the scene where Conner Kent and Blackfire are having sex and break the bed before being caught by Starfire, Aka Kory. But instead of Blackfire it’s Jason, a Jason who never left the Titans, having sex with Conner as the two had grown close since Jason didn’t leave.

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