Weekly FanFic Poll Ideas #14

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  1. pclion

    Tom Daley and Jack Laugher are together in a trainingscamp. Daley wants his teammate and in the second night both men starting an affair.

  2. Londerland

    Richard Madden and Sebastian Stan are appearing in a play together as estranged brothers who realise that their years-long animosity stems from an intense sexual and romantic attraction to each other. The climax of the play involves a scene where both actors appear fully nude on stage and share a passionate kiss. But as the play moves from rehearsals to Broadway, Richard and Sebastian find themselves getting more and more into their taboo brotherly roles, their big finale escalating as they start frotting and feeling each other up in front of the audience during their kiss, working up to a no holds barred fuck session onstage as they rewrite the play’s ending to their liking.

  3. fleed412

    based on one of johns twitter posts last month:
    bored with married life, stud daddy Joe Manganiello starts a full on gay nsfw onlyfans he updates constantly with sexy, sexy content; ranging from steamy stripper routines as if he’s back on magic mike (but even hornier) to collabs with other celebrities such as his true blood pals, alex skarsgard and ryan kwentan. his old collage roommate Matt Bomer and the rest of the magic mike crew or maybe even the critical role cast. He willing to do anything and everything to entertain his loyal fans. For the low low price of 5.99 a month He’s waiting to make your darkest fantasies come true!

  4. KyoHam

    Secret Daddy Country club.
    Daddies: Jensen Ackles (Financial men), Dwayne Johnson (Rich Gym owner) and Idris Elba (The dean of the University).
    Main Characters:
    Shawn Mendes, Jordan Fisher, Diego Tinoco and Zayn Malik.
    When 4 University students, in need for money, they found a local country club, were rumors says that big money can be made easily there.
    Soon after being hired they are told they are to exclusively serve for a week 3 top notch VIP, who requested them.
    The 4 friends soon discover that for make big money they are going to have to put their pride and for some virginity on the table.
    And those 3 mens are part of the Secret Daddy club, where lust and fantasy are to be found for the members.
    The 4 friends are ask to prove themselves and to compete for the attention of the 3 men’s if they want to be tip generously and if they want to be accepted in the Daddy’s club and secure money.

  5. NateValverde

    I’d love another HSMTMTS story, either a chapter 2 of Ricky’s Glory Hole: Ricky and EJ go back to his place to fuck and catch his dad jerking off in his bed which leads to a 3way or a whole new story of Ricky gets fucked by his best friend and dad

  6. JohnLukeMaxwell

    A Father Should Be
    (Young Winchester story)

    Eighteen-year old Sam Winchester is sick of living under his militant dad’s regime. When John sends Sam and Dean away to spend a weekend at Bobby Singer’s place–on Sam’s birthday no less–Bobby decides it’s high time he gave John Winchester a few lessons in fatherhood.

    A kinky threeway between Bobby and a younger (but legal) Sam and Dean while a bound and secured John Winchester watches. Contains elements of pit worship, piss play, Daddy worship, and intense cuckoldry.

  7. gaycevans

    Inspired by the pictures of Richard and Froy in Italy last month, I’m suggesting a follow-up to their wedding story. This time they’re in Italy for the event Richard is attending. And who else would be in Italy than the Italian stallions themselves: Michele Morrone and Nyle DiMarco, spending the weekend to hangout with their friend Richard and his young husband. Froy’s good friend Nico Greetham is there too, coming from his visit from Paris.

    After spending the day swimming in tight speedos, and drinking, the group go back to Richard and Froy’s hotel room where none of them even get to shower off because they can’t keep their hands to themselves anymore after spending the entire day staring at each other’s bulging speedos and plump asses. Richard and the Italian Stallions pound away at Froy and Nico’s tight butts. Eventually they move to the balcony of the hotel room. While Richard fucks Froy, he notices paparazzi taking pictures of them on the balcony. He smiles and starts teasing Froy about the paparazzi, taunting him that the world will finally get to know what a slut the young man is for his husband and his friends once the photos get released, before fucking Froy even harder. Richard encourages the group to put on a show for the paparazzi and give them some good pictures by fucking the two blonde boys in the wildest positions.

  8. A.J

    Inspired by the scene where Taron Egerton is arrested in the serie Black Bird

    While on vacation in L.A, Taron is victim of swatting. When shirtless in the kitchen he’s arrested and totally soaked when the officer drag him on the counter.
    Once handcuffed and standing, the SWAT agents recognize him and understand that it’s a mistake.

    Seeing the actor’s swollen bulge, they decide to make amends by offering to fix their mistake in a very carnal way.

    For the SWAT agents I was thinking of Shemar Moore, Alex Russel, David Lim and Jay Harrington.

  9. MauriceDalbret

    Chris Sullivan of This Is Us travels to Laurel, Mississippi to tape some episodes of Home Town with his buddy Ben Napier while Erin is out sick Chris, Ben, and Ben’s brother Jesse are commissioned by a local hot daddy for a home renovation that includes building a sex room, and the four hot bearded dads can’t resist taking the finished product for a test run.

  10. MaleThirst

    I was gonna try something new, but after hearing about the True Blood idea appealing to you, I figured I’d try submitting this idea again & seeing where it goes.

    MY Werebitch:

    Having won the title of Packmaster of Shreveport, Alcide Herveaux wastes no time in getting to train up the wolves under his command against outside threats against the supernatural (This fic is set around Season 6, where vampires were being hunted down by the government). He takes interest in a fresh faced upstart who hangs on the new packmasters every action & relishes praise from him as well, so Alcide takes him aside for private training. The sexual tension between the two grows until one night under the full moon, Alcide pounces & the two have hardcore, passionate sex. Extra points if you have Alcide’s eyes flashing gold as he pumps his newly dubbed werebitch with cum.

  11. ItsEnroeBitch

    You’re making this hard
    But what about a crossover Grey’s Anatomy and Euphoria where Nate has to go to the hospital and there he meets Mark Sloan/McSteamy (Eric Dane) and due to the obvious resemblance with his dad, he starts flirting with him, they have a little fun, they start fucking every other day until Cal catches them so the three of them have a three way

  12. SoraDPendragon

    Arrowverse Doomworld

    While Damien Darhk has Sara and Amaya as his assassins, he also has Oliver, Diggle, and Slade as his personal slaves. He makes the three of them perform various sex scenes for his enjoyment. All three are versatile and their uniforms are leather harnesses, jocks, boots, and collars.

  13. Graverobber

    American Horny Stories: So I just saw the AHS spinoff and I saw that scene in “Game Over” where the trio of young women come up to the Murder House to trick or treat and see Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) and call him a DILF and try to seduce him but he just closes the door on them and then they walk in anyway and get killed by the house’s inhabitants. I wanna see that same scene but with the Influencers from “The Naughty List” (Kevin McHale, Nico Greetham, Dyllon Burnside, Charles Melton) who are all salivating at the thought of Ben’s girthy dick and comparing their huge muscles with his. They actually do succeed in seducing him, Ben makes it clear to the house to leave them be until they all finish and my only real ask is that it ends with Kevin McHales character bred by Ben while his friends bukkake him from above. Hell maybe they record the whole thing for their youtube channel. Feel free to add in any other guys from AHS Murder House History as cameos if you want. There’s a lot in that house lol.

  14. ArgentinianBoy

    Sexy picnic between Shawn Mendes and Nick Jonas:
    Shawn, is not going through his best moment and his friend Nick Jonas has been trying but to improve his mood.
    For Shawn it was hard to return to the stage and be away from his family and loved ones and he had to take a break to prepare himself mentally, psychologically and physically to return to what had been his life since he was 15 years old.
    During this time he has had a lot of help from his team and his friends but he is still a bit down and Nick knows that and is always talking to him to see how he is doing or urging him to go out and have fun and do the things he likes, Shawn has followed his friend’s advice and that of his psychologist partner and is much better than before but Nick feels that Shawn is missing his typical spark that makes him be himself so he decides to surprise him and early one Sunday he shows up at his house with the idea of them having a picsex.
    Shawn reluctantly agrees and together they head to the hills away from the city where they find a great place to rest after a long hike and have their picnic.
    Nick was horny all the way from Shawn’s house and was coming on to him, even groping him, imagining himself riding Shawn’s cock wildly.
    Both Shawn and Nick were getting turned on by the rubbing of their bodies, Nick took the initiative and got down on all fours asking Shawn to fill his ass with his big cock and get all the hotness out of him, to which Shawn gladly agreed and the two ended up having a wild sexual encounter on the mountain where Shawn let out his alpha male and Nick ended up being his slut, by sunset Nick was ass wide open and full of cum and Shawn was much more animated and had regained the spark he used to have.

    PS: I’m not good at writing and I don’t speak English so I had to translate much of the idea so I hope it’s understood.

  15. Bockito

    Sequel to Liam’s secret crush :
    Now that Liam Hemsworth has had a taste of his brother, Chris, he’s hooked. Unfortunately, after their weekend of non-stop sex, Chris regrets cheating on his wife and goes back to his faithful husband ways. Liam is going insane over his brother’s rejection and is determined to get Chris to see reason. So Liam gets creative to corner his brother alone as often as possible to seduce him. It takes weeks and several attempts, each one crazier than the other, for Liam to finally get what he wants, but Chris is worth it.

    1. Bockito

      Ah sorry, didn’t read your post all the way through about excluding MCU (which is an excellent idea btw). Can you delete this comment, John? Thank you, and sorry again.

      1. John Valjean

        I’m going to keep it since it’s not MCU-centric. I think that’s fine! 🙂

  16. HornyAquarius

    A Creekwood (Love, Victor) and HSMTMTS cross over. It would be hot to see Victor and EJ or Andrew and Ricky hookup. Maybe a hot teacher gets involved

    1. John Valjean

      Since this week’s poll has gone up, we’ll add this one to next week’s poll! 🙂

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