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So, this has been a hell of a journey. I created CumFans because I wanted a subscription site similar to Patreon but without that site’s limitations on content. Over the past five years, on Tumblr, in my books, and on Twitter, my readers have come to expect a particular type of storytelling. Not that my Patreon stories weren’t hot, because I think they were. But they were a little more restrained than what you and I prefer.

My goal for CumFans is to give you the hot, steamy, unadulterated stories that YOU want to read again and again. If you subscribed to my Patreon page, you’d know I created polls of reader prompts each week. We would vote for a few days, and then the following week, I would publish the selected stories (this is the Weekly FanFic). We’ll be doing the same thing on CumFans, and I’ll also make sure not to ignore some of those prompts that repeatedly show up on the poll without garnering the most votes.

CumFans will only succeed as long as I can produce the sort of content you want. My commitment is to do just that! You can DM me on Twitter or email me at admin@cumfans.com anytime you wish to provide me with feedback.

Okay, let’s go over each of the CumPlans:

Hot Stuff ($2)

Two Weekly FanFic Stories: These are stories featuring fictional characters from TV, movies, comics, etc. They run anywhere from 2K words and have been as much as 4500 words. Most fanfic is decided by subscribers through our weekly polls (though I would like to select the occasional story). These are under the Weekly FanFic tab.

Participate in Reader Polls: Our Reader Polls come out on Tuesdays. They are made up of story prompts submitted by subscribers on Mondays.

So, on Mondays, I ask subscribers to submit story prompts, so keep an eye out for that post. I’ll include an example of how to write a prompt in my Monday post.

Bonfire ($4)

All the Hot Stuff Benefits

Two Monthly Longform FanFic: Each month, you’ll receive a scorching hot new chapter of Teen Wolves & Lust, Victor. These books are available as downloadable pdfs, run approximately 4500+ words, and contain fakes that I’ve commissioned specifically for the stories. These are under the Chapters tab.

New chapters are released on the 1st (Teen Wolves) and the 15th (Lust, Victor).

Lava ($6)

All the Hot Stuff and Bonfire Benefits

Third Longform FanFic: Lava members get a third book each month. These books will also be available as a downloadable pdf. The first book published for Lava members is Uncle Ben Loves Peter and will be released on the 7th of each month. This will be under the Chapters tab.

Weekly Taboo Shorts: These are short taboo stories like what you would have found on my old Family Fun Times Tumblr blog. I’m either rewriting these posts or creating entirely new ones. These stories feature gifs, run approximately 500 words or more, and are released on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These are under the Taboo Shorts tab.

CumCast: Each month, my podcast will feature new dirty letters and stories that can’t be found anywhere else. The CumCast erupts on the 21st of each month. This will be under the Podcast tab.

Content-Free Weeks

My goal is to feature the hottest storytelling I can on CumFans. So, to ensure I can meet all my deadlines, I will not publish content on the last full week of each month. The first falls on one of those weeks, but Teen Wolves will still be released on that day. The content-free weeks are as follows:

April 25th

May 23rd

June 27th

July 25th

August 22nd

September 26th

October 24th

November 21st

December 26th

Updated Stories

The following stories were updated from their original Patreon versions.

Super Sons: Clark and Jon enjoy some father/son bonding.

Daddy’s Poker Party: Jake and Jensen are brothers, making Tom and Taron cousins. And there’s more action between them all.

The Adventures of Stiles Stilinski: Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski get down to business at the end of the story.

The Walls Drip with Cum: This was the original version from Patreon, but I chickened out and took it down. It’s mostly groping and lusting between Sam and Dean—but it is much hotter than the Patreon story!

A Magical Weekend: Justin and Max fraternize.

Romeo Turns 18: This was the very first story I wrote for CumFans, but I was never going to be able to publish it on Patreon. It features all the adult Beckham clan.

Lust, Victor: I cleaned up typos and added minor references to Victor being attracted to Armando.

Teen Wolves: Scott’s guardian, Mel Cabot, is now Mel McCall, which was the original plan. I also cleaned up too many typos. I promise to be better.


Trying to use proper hashtags without going overboard. In my Family Fun Times days, I used minimal ones so that you could have a page of dad/son stories if that’s what you wanted.


I’ve already got Fakes created for the May chapters of Teen Wolves, Lust, Victor, and Uncle Ben Loves Peter, but I don’t have any commissioned for other stories. Once I start turning enough of a profit (and it shouldn’t take a whole lot), then I will commission fakes for most (if not all) stories.


Without getting into all the reasons why I decided to hold off on putting any videos on the site. If you’re super curious about it, go ahead and drop me a line.

Content for Other Tiers Doesn’t Display

Unless you subscribe to a tier, you won’t see content from the other tiers. However, lava members will see everything on the various tabs (though Uncle Ben Loves Peter, and the first CumCast won’t be published until later in the month).

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support!


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  1. BussyBoxxx

    The site looks amazing! I cannot wait to read the taboo short stories. We are wishing you and this new adventure positive vibes. I absolutely love the new site and cannot wait to see it grow with new users!!

    1. John Valjean

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it!

  2. Its_Miguel

    Loving it so far! Can’t wait to see where your creative endeavors go next!

    1. John Valjean

      Thank you so much!

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